In the world of vivarium management, efficiency, biosafety, & data quality are key. The integration between LabVoice and a-tune’s tick@lab software marks a step forward in streamlining vivarium operations.

LabVoice now integrates with tick@lab, allowing it to read and write your colony & in vivo data in real-time. This integration simplifies daily vivarium tasks like logging clinical observations, performing room & cage checks, and reporting animal issues, reducing errors, contamination, and time.



By eliminating the need for manual data transcription from paper logs, LabVoice and tick@lab streamline workflows and improve accuracy.

With LabVoice and tick@lab working together, technicians and vets can automate tasks and make data-driven decisions more easily. This collaboration represents progress in achieving the vivarium of the future, promising improved productivity and accuracy.

The integration of LabVoice and tick@lab is a significant advancement in vivarium efficiency, offering a seamless solution for data management and decision-making.