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a-tune Web.Application.Automation

Darmstadt, Germany - Jun 14, 2021

It was identified at Grunenthal that a lot of time and effort was being invested by our researchers manually entering the data from CROs, for our outsourced medium-throughput experiments. We needed to find a solution to save our researchers valuable time by automating this workflow. We found the a-tune Web.Application.Automation

Thomas Vanderbrueck, Data Management Specialist, Grunenthal

a-tune Web.Application.Automation

Designed to remote control your web-based applications, a-tune Web.Application.Automation will save you time and money by freeing up your end users to focus upon what they do best – research!

The a-tune Web.Application.Automation supports a wide variety of use cases:

  • Regression in the case of product upgrades, new browser versions
  • Regression tests for validated environments
  • Data import of legacy data
  • Continuous import of CRO/ external collaboration data
  • Performance monitoring

For the a-tune tick@lab and idbs E-workbook web products, the a-tune Web.Application.Automation has a set of pre-defined commands which are working independently from the UI. This means that if a new version of your web product comes with a modified UI, your automated tasks are not affected and do not need to be updated.

All tests are defined and documented within an MS Excel file and can be easily adapted. The test execution is performed either in an interactive or headless mode as a background service, there isn’t even a need for you to be present whilst the tests are being performed. Confirmations are sent at step and test levels so that you can rest assured that the tests have been successfully executed and completed.

Because the a-tune Web.Application.Automation product is built to be versatile, it can be expanded beyond the currently supported a-tune tick@lab and idbs E-workbook applications; we can support you to apply this to other third-party web products.


Grunenthal is a global leader in pain management and related diseases. As a science-based, privately-owned pharmaceutical company, they have a long track record of bringing innovative treatments and state-of-the-art technologies to patients worldwide. Grunenthal ‘s purpose is to change lives for the better –innovation is their passion.

Grunenthal have been using IDBS E-WorkBook/BioBook in research for more than 12 years.

Their medium throughput research experiments are performed at CROs, the in-vivo and in-vitro data from the CRO is then entered into their BioBook application. The data import from the CRO‘s were requiring a lot of manual steps and human effort leaving room for error. When discussing the Web.Application.Automation product with a-tune software AG, Grunenthal realised that this product can fully automate their data imports, saving time and reducing risk.

All necessary steps are automatically executed. The experiments are generated in BioBook, the data is uploaded from a source directory and completion of the experiment is made. Data from the CRO is recognized immediately when it is created. The manual and error-prone handling of various data in e-rooms and files using copy and paste is no longer necessary. With a-tune Web.Application.Automation, our data is immediately imported into BioBook with the correct template, speeding up the whole experiment and freeing up our resources to focus upon what is important. The implementation of the a-tune Web.Application.Automation product is an important step towards a correct, time-saving and fully automated process from experiment ordering, data upload into our systems and provision to the scientists in our visualization system.

Thomas Vanderbrueck, Data Management Specialist, Grunenthal

It has been a great pleasure for us to work with Grunenthal to overcome their challenges. This further enhances our long-standing relationships and trusted collaborations that we have formed together over the last 12 years.

Christoph Acker, VP Services, a-tune software

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