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Seamless Data Integration

Reduce the cost of maintaining data connections and make data available to E-WorkBook through a-tune Data.Manager, a single, standard web service interface. Typical E-WorkBook implementation brings data from across the enterprise in various formats and technologies. Data.Manager manages changes in the source data transparently and ensures E-WorkBook can connect consistently to data. It also eliminates the need to update templates when a data location changes or a different data source is selected.

Key Features

  • Send data on request to data consumers, including E-WorkBook.
  • Separate the data consumer and the data location – if data moves, Data.Manager configuration is updated and applications that need the data continue to receive it via web service.
  • Cache data to improve performance and handle temporary network failures.
  • Prepare and present data for E-WorkBook in the required format.
  • Connect data to other data sources.
  • Learn how to add and manage data sources with training from a-tune.