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From Web to Word

Create a Microsoft Word file with data and charts from an experiment using a-tune Study.Reporter. It can also be used to generate documentation for E-WorkBook templates.

Key Features

  • Template/Experiments

    • Export information on template location (path within the hierarchy) and version, last date modified, and last person who modified the template.
    • Choose among mandatory, optional, and custom properties.
    • Use a confined setting or a setting for sequential editing.
    • Link attributes.
    • Items for templates and experiments include type, caption, and display options and display pages (if applicable).

  • Spreadsheets

    • A document browser, including document browser comment, makes it easy to create, change, and display documents.
    • Other features include published tables, catalog mapping, formulas for published and unpublished items, linked data fields, data links, and E-WorkBook searches.

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