Compliance Oversight at your Fingertips

Manage review processes for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC), Institutional Review Boards (IRB), Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBC), Conflict of Interest (COI) and other regulatory bodies with confidence and control. tick@lab research compliance software makes it easy.

Elevated Efficiency

Streamline and manage review processes, compliance forms, and compliance workflows

Complete Visibility

Enable full transparency and visibility via document version change control and preset comparisons

Accuracy & Control

Standardize content with configurable forms, field types, help text, and automated verification

Accelerated Review Cycles

Facilitate rapid review cycles with automated information flows between stakeholder groups

a-tune’s professional services team ensures successful implementation and operation by applying deep experience and best practices in process analysis and modeling, system configuration and integration, technical consulting, user training, and dedicated support.

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Feature Overview

  • Centralized Access
    • Access protocols, reviews, documents, and cross-referenced protocols from one secure point of access, with access based on roles, assignments, and location
  • Configurable Content
    • Define forms and content as questions, answers, picklists, and more
    • Standardize field formats (text-only, multiple vs. single selection, required/optional, numeric, etc.)
    • Add configurable and contextual help text to guide users
  • Configurable Workflows & Notifications
    • Create flexible workflows for initial review, approval, and amendments
    • Manage annual reviews and information flow between authors and committee members
    • Manage deadlines and send time- or task-triggered alerts (45-day notice, form submission, etc.)
  • Training Records
    • Manage training records institution-wide using the administrator-defined repository
    • Store detailed training, skills, and competencies records with automatic expiration notices, built-in training request workflows, and integration with CITI, AALAS Learning Library (ALL), and more
  • Automatic Content Verification
    • Verify content automatically against administrator-defined rules
    • Define mandatory items and required information before submission
    • Verify researcher and study personnel training records to ensure compliance with institutional and regulatory requirements
  • Document Management and Reporting
    • Ensure consistency and integrity using document management functionality - check-in/check-out, automatic versioning, tracked changes, and comment review
    • Get ready-made reports and documentation that meet region-specific regulations around the world
  • Meetings and Post-approval Monitoring
    • Manage committee meeting agendas and minutes, inspections, follow-up items, and findings for post-approval monitoring