Simplifying & Streamlining Animal Research Facility Management

tick@lab animal research facility software helps organizations effectively manage animal care, operations, and compliance processes. Get the power of a single and secure access point to the information and functionality needs of each stakeholder – from researchers and facility staff to compliance personnel and management.

Centralized Management

Save time and money via structured, centralized management of data and processes

Connected Communication

Assign, update, and verify completion of operational and project tasks at every phase

Full Transparency

Proactively support the 3Rs and Animal Welfare with clarity into animal use and availability

Accelerated Cost Recovery

Recover and report project-related expenses faster and more easily with billing and invoicing automation and efficiency

a-tune’s professional services team ensures successful implementation and operation by applying deep experience and best practices in process analysis and modeling, system configuration and integration, technical consulting, user training, and dedicated support.

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Feature overview

Compliance Support
  • Manage protocol and reporting requirements (USDA APHIS, EU 2010/63, UK Home Office, German TSchG, AAALAC, and more)
  • Track animal numbers in real time to ensure counts and conditions meet defined criteria
  • Document experimental usage for post-approval monitoring, USDA, and AALAC reporting
Animal Requests and Orders
  • Automate data checks against protocols, validation rules, and capacity thresholds
  • Facilitate and configure order approval processes
  • Integrate with finance and e-procurement systems
  • Streamline billing and invoicing processes and tasks
Vivarium and Colony Management Software
  • Define and track room capacity, history, and tasks with configurable and searchable templates
  • Get powerful cage management, animal census, and billing capabilities
  • Enable RFID and barcode capability for digitized cage cards and animal identification
  • Interface with “smart” rack and caging systems
Animal Management and Animal Tracking Software
  • Create extensive and complete animal records (sex, strain, ID, genotype, date of birth, health data, history, weight progression, etc.)
  • Track animals and animal numbers in real time for protocols and animal transfers
  • Record study protocols
  • Tag and color mark animals
(Mouse) Colony Management and (Transgenic) Breeding Software
  • Support and manage breeding lines, loci, and marking rules for multiple species (mice, rats, zebrafish, large animals, and more)
  • Facilitate mating selection, pairing, and timings
  • Import results of genotyping and track genealogy
  • Report on colony performance and facilitate tasks, planning, and communication between facility staff and researchers
Aquatic Management Software
  • Manage fish/aquatics as batches or individuals
  • Manage breeding events on one or between multiple tanks and groups
  • Track genetics, genealogy, and all relevant parameters (clutch size, fertilized eggs, fertilization rate, and more)
  • Monitor, move, split, and merge tanks and tank positions (optional)
  • Print user-defined tank labels and enable secure identification by phenotype
Veterinary and Experimental Records
  • Configure templates for animal history records and tasks (veterinary care, study management, science support, etc.)
  • Import health records and data history
  • Interface with Electronic Lab Notebooks to manage study data
Billing and Invoicing
  • Calculate costs based on per diems, animal procurement, husbandry, and services
  • Generate reports and invoices that can be easily customized by facility administrators
  • Interface with financial systems for efficiency and connectivity
Task Management
  • Link tasks to animals, users, and rooms
  • Create and configure daily task lists, management overviews, requests, and approval workflows
  • Automate recurring manual tasks to improve accuracy and alleviate staff burdens
  • Configure data forms and templates to provide instructions and collect data
  • Track and update task statuses and assignments in real time