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Automated Testing for E-WorkBook - new webinar series in March!

Darmstadt, Germany - Feb 11, 2020

As an IDBS E-WorkBook customer, either in an on-premises or SaaS deployment, you or your IT team or the end users will probably have the following concerns before a new version release or an upcoming upgrade is planned;

How to ensure that after an upgrade, all your business workflows will work as expected?

Will all your templates, spreadsheets, formulae, request workflows and data links continue to run with all the new features and improvements a new version of the platform brings?

How can you ensure that the upgrade will not negatively affect the users who depend on the defined and established business processes?

To minimise the risk of these concerns organisations typically performed time consuming manually testing. This manually testing occupies the time of valuable resources, is error-prone, difficult to re-run and has reporting gaps for non-functional aspects.

a-tune now addresses these issues with its new product Test Automation for E-WorkBook. This new a-tune product enables testers to create re-usable test scripts and run regression tests repeatedly with minimal efforts. Test Automation for EWB also gives valuable performance insights including measures for the execution time – on multiple browsers and multiple versions.

In a series of brief webinars, we will be introducing this latest member of the a-tune family of products. Sign up to learn about the power of automated testing!