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Use a-tune LabelPrinter with IDBS E-WorkBook Inventory®

Darmstadt, Germany - Dec 09, 2020

When a customer reaches out to us with a problem our natural response is to help them find a solution, we always do our best to succeed and this time we were able to deliver a successful outcome in a very short space of time.

We are very happy to announce that last Friday we finished the first implementation of the a-tune LabelPrinter for the IDBS Inventory® product. This gives customers of IDBS Inventory® the possibility to create and print their own labels on any printing device (that accepts a pdf output) including the ability to print from a SaaS deployment without the need for a VPN connection between the customer network and the cloud.

This now provides freedom of choice for inventory customers to;

  • Print from any printer with a pdf output
  • Easy integration into SAAS environment, with no need for VPN access
  • Compatible with on prem and SaaS deployments

Open up your inventory printing capabilities and get in touch with us!

Label Printer