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Somark Innovations and a-tune software

Darmstadt / Germany - Jun 10, 2019

Collaboration Announcement

Somark Innovations and a-tune software announce a new collaboration agreement that integrates their leading technologies to provide a simple solution for animal identification, study, animal and compliance management.

The agreement benefits organizations looking for an integrated, seamless, end-to-end solution for digital animal identification, data collection, study design and execution with a complete animal and compliance management solution. Researchers and animal management personnel will now be able to view and analyze a complete set of study and animal related data enabled by the unique Digitail Tag™ ID.

Our unique digital platform provides the opportunity to integrate the laboratory experience in ways and at prices never achieved before. As such it is an ideal technology to integrate platforms and indeed for research collaborations between scientists anywhere in the world. Integrating the a-tune best of breed animal management software with our study software gives a fully integrated option to our global customer base and to the industry as whole. All cloud based and capable of rapid implementation it will streamline and enhance any research environment

Paul Donohoe, Chief Technology Officer, Somark Innovations

Our company slogan states, “make IT simple”, and the collaboration delivers on this principle. Our customers deal with complex challenges when it comes to animal identification and management, not to mention all the requirements around study design as well. The combined systems provide our joint customers with a simple to use yet technologically advanced solution to managing their business

Andreas Staubi, CEO, a-tune

The collaboration agreement allows both Somark Innovations and a-tune to offer clients a complete turnkey solution for all their research, animal management and compliance requirements.

The teams of Somark and a-tune at the FELASA 2019
About Somark Innovations

Somark provides technologies dedicated to reducing costs, improving animal welfare and delivering accurate auditable real-time data which improves the quality of life science research. The Somark technology suite is designed to facilitate pre-clinical animal research, transitioning the sector into the digital age. This paradigm shift delivers new levels of accuracy and security to the chain of custody for pre-clinical research. It allows less handling of the animals, improved productivity and delivers significant 3R benefits.

Founded in 2012 with the delivery of our globally used Labstamp technology. Our customer list includes the world’s largest commercial animal breeders, international and regional pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic and government institutions across the globe.

Our European team is based in London and we have teams located in Australia, Asia and USA.

About a-tune

a-tune is supporting research driven organizations with their data and compliance management needs by providing products, technology and expertise. Our slogan “make IT simple” is both our mission and our guiding principle – especially when it comes to the handling of complex challenges.

Our customer list includes leading international companies and institutions in academia, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals and material science in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

a-tune was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Germany, with offices in the United States and representations in the UK, France and Australia.