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tick@lab. A new dawn - Part II

Darmstadt, Germany / Jonestown, TX, USA - Mar 06, 2019

With the series of webinars coming to an end, we hope that you got the chance to take a peek at the upcoming changes of tick@lab.

The new tick@lab 3.0 focuses on user-friendliness and leaves the choice in your hands:

  • Do you prefer to use the new mobile-style menu that allows you to steer from anywhere to everywhere –without returning to the start screen– and can be closed to increase the display size of your data?
  • Or will you instead jump to the Launch Pad to navigate via the tiles through tick@lab on your laptop or preferred tablet?
  • Or maybe you do prefer to start with “My tick@lab”, the brand-new dashboard that extracts user-specific, essential information from the application? With “My tick@lab”, the most relevant data is always at your fingertips!

Whatever you decide… the new tick@lab user interface provides access to features targeted for your user profile – navigation made easy and intuitive.

tick@lab Launch Pad

As each day passes by, greater enhancements keep lining up for the launch of the new UI. Remember to follow us as we advance towards the imminent release date. If you did not manage to see one of our great webinars, keep following our news for more information on how you can get up-to-date via a “catch up” video!