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Talking Cages - a-tune integrate with the Galilei Cage Talkers®

Darmstadt, Germany - Sep 07, 2021

Electronic cage labels which include the Galilei CageTalkers® are becoming increasingly popular within our user community, with customers already actively using the Galilei CageTalkers®, a-tune software AG have formed a long standing relationship with Galilei to provide a direct integration between our tick@lab animal management software and their CageTalkers®. With the tick@lab cage connector changes appear directly onto the CageTalkers® in real time and without any manual interaction. tick@lab pushes information to all three CageTalkers® pages allowing users to define the information displayed at the cage level and to meet regulatory requirements.

With several of our customers already ‘live’ with Electronic cage labels, a-tune are happy to offer a universal connector and support the first steps towards digitalisation and automation within the laboratory animal facilities.


tick@lab and CageTalkers®