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23 European tick@lab customers are working on Covid-19 – 3 already in clinical trials

Darmstadt, Germany / Jonestown, TX, USA - Oct 16, 2020

a-tune’s Software tick@lab has become an integral part of the European and international pharmaceutical R&D landscape by supporting biomedical research. It comes as no surprise that a high variety of institutes performing laboratory research and vaccine development for Covid-19 are working with tick@lab. In Europe alone, 23 of the identified covid-19 research institutes¹ including Universities, Contract Research Organizations and some of the world’s biggest Pharmaceutical companies are using tick@lab to manage and streamline their pre-clinical research.

Before a vaccine can be produced in large quantities for distribution, even before regulatory reviews and approvals can happen, the vaccine development undergoes three distinct development stages:

1. Exploratory / Discovery
2. Pre-clinical
3. Clinical

During the exploratory stage, researchers extensively study the properties of the virus. This lab research can include identifying natural or synthetic antigens, which trigger a response from the body to a pathogen like Covid-19.

The pre-clinical stage is were tick@lab helps the researchers to quickly advance their studies. The previously identified antigens are tested for feasibility in animal studies.

With its unique design and adaptability, tick@lab allows for the species appropriate management of all animals studied. tick@lab offers many features, that allow quick data entry and easy retrieval of information. All within a strict regulatory compliance framework.

a-tune is proud to be supporting biomedical research in its endeavor to combat Covid-19.

¹Data taken from https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/1698667/