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a-tune addresses new EU compliance challenge

Darmstadt, Germany - Nov 28, 2017

The UK and Belgium have been first – others are expected to follow – to publish requirements for additional data collection from Establishments as laid out in Article 54 2010/63/EU, annex 2. In short, a new report shall document all those animals which are bred and killed without being used in any procedure and therefore would not show up in the annual statistics.

With the requirements published only in summer 2017, requiring first data to be returned for the reporting year 2017, these additional requirements where received with a great level of uncertainty by the establishments about if and how they could possibly comply by delivering accurate data – and without creating a massive additional administrative burden for their facilities and researchers.

It was here when our user group communication kicked in effectively, when customers called our support team for assistance. Our team picked up on the challenge immediately and together with experts from our customers’ organizations, who didn’t only work with us on translating the official requirements into product specifications, but also worked with their inspectors to ensure compliance, we were able to provide a solution. Right in time and without the need for any retrospective data curation for potentially tens of thousands of animal records produced already in 2017. A great example for effective collaboration within the a-tune tick@lab User Group.

Mrs. Alison Hopkins, Sales Manager Europe at a-tune

Needless to say, that this message was received with great relief at November’s UK User Group Gathering. All customers not attending this meeting will be informed about these latest developments by a-tune support.