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Transnetyx Announces Acquisition of a-tune

Memphis, TN - Mar 22, 2022

Transnetyx, a global leader in outsourced genetic services, announced the acquisition of a-tune, a best-in-class software for animal research and compliance. This acquisition allows Transnetyx to partner with a-tune to further streamline animal research facility operations, simplify data management, and save time and money for users.

Transnetyx was founded in 2000 and launched the world’s first fully automated genotyping system for detecting transgenic, knockout, knock-in, SNP and CRISPR mutations in animal research models. Since the first test in 2004, Transnetyx has processed more than 30 million samples worldwide in 24 or 72 hours with 99.97 percent accuracy, and introduced a full suite of complementary services, including Genetic Monitoring, Microbiome Analysis, Transnetyx Tissue, and the Colony + AMI software.

With the acquisition of a-tune, Transnetyx further emphasizes the mission to provide every researcher globally with the most efficient path to discovery. By combining Transnetyx services with world-class software offerings from a-tune, the two companies aim to streamline facility operations and ensure compliance across research organizations worldwide.

More than ever, accurate and reproducible research, conducted under the highest ethical standards, is key for discovery. Both Transnetyx and a-tune have partnered with researchers across the globe for many years. We now look to bundle our strengths to better serve the research community. I look forward to our collective future and the world of opportunities in front of us with the greatest excitement.

Andreas Staubi, CEO a-tune

a-tune will continue its operations in Germany under the a-tune brand.

About Transnetyx

Memphis-based Transnetyx is a research support company dedicated to serving research and saving time by removing redundant, yet necessary tests conducted in genetic research. Transnetyx’s mission is to provide faster, more accurate and more affordable methods to help support responsible, reproducible research. Transnetyx has the technology and processes to provide faster, easier, and more accurate results worldwide to biomedical researchers. By optimizing resources, Transnetyx has paved the way for research to advance and deeper understandings to emerge. For more information, visit www.transnetyx.com.

About a-tune

German-based a-tune is a software development company focused on vivarium data solutions to support research-driven organizations’ data and compliance management needs. Since 1998, a-tune has helped academia, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and material science organizations around the world simplify data management, streamline operations, and ensure compliance.

Today, a-tune’s flexible, all-in-one data management software and applications are relied on by more than 100 world-renowned universities, 140 research institutions, and 5 of the 7 top pharmaceutical organizations. a-tune is headquartered in Germany, with offices in the United States and customers in more than 20 countries. For more information, visit www.a-tune.com.


Transnetyx and a-tune