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Innovations in Cloud Services for Research and Compliance Software

Darmstadt, Germany - Nov 03, 2022

The migration of applications to the cloud continues to rise across virtually every sector, including those that rely on research facility management and animal research compliance software. The continued rise is in large part due to business users and stakeholders now expecting the same levels of convenience and efficiency they experience in consumer settings to also apply across the board in the technologies they use at work to get their jobs done. The stakes of research projects, however, demand that convenience and efficiency never come at a cost to reliability, security, and innovation.

a-tune’s Assessment of Advancement

In shaping the roadmap for our tick@lab animal research management and research compliance software, it’s vital that our team fully understands how those research stakeholders view the elements noted above. Below is added context that shows the deeper meaning behind these elements for our customers.

  • Convenience – being able to access the information needed on-demand without friction
  • Efficiency – cutting down/eliminating paper processes, automating or removing redundancies from tasks, proactively providing/anticipating information needs
  • Reliability – continuous systems that work the way they are supposed to so that workarounds don’t introduce inefficiency and risk
  • Security – protecting data from external threats and insider risks, enabling strong controls across users/levels/groups
  • Innovation – supporting the implementation of new functionality and features that address unique organizational wants and needs.

As the needs of a-tune’s customers began to grow and evolve, a-tune has also evolved in the ways in which we supported the deployment of our solutions. With our high standards, we had very particular requirements for cloud computing before we were comfortable investing our resources in using it.

a-tune and AWS

When cloud computing came onto the scene some two decades ago, it was met with a relatively high degree of caution and even skepticism in some circles. In the 2010s, cloud computing began to gain traction as advances in cloud governance, business continuity and disaster recovery practices. Security measures collectively gave more and more confidence to leaders.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was at the forefront of these advances. They now provide a broad range of tools and programs to support innovation and longer-term modernization. AWS now has over 15 years’ experience in the space (longer than any other cloud provider) and offers more than 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features. These reasons and others like them are why a-tune adopted AWS.

As of 2022, nearly six out of 10 businesses have moved their work to the cloud as businesses found that building applications on-premises was resulting in a lack of scalability, agility, and flexibility. 94% of businesses claim to see an improvement in security after moving to the cloud (Salesforce – 12 Benefits of Cloud Computing)

Using AWS has enabled us to set up new customer environments faster and created more flexibility and scalability for the company. A key driver in selecting AWS was their flexible license and we shifted our databases to the cloud. As of date, we have migrated over 30 tick@lab customers to the cloud which has enabled them to have a more streamlined user experience thus increasing efficiency and convenience- all in a highly secure environment.

A Strong Foundation Moving Forward

World-class behind-the-scenes technologies like AWS are a big part of what helps a-tune deliver powerful and secure research facility management and research compliance solutions to academia, pharmaceutical, government, and other vital organizations around the world. Utilizing AWS has enabled a-tune to stay at the forefront of cloud computing and as we evolve further it has provided a strong foundation for the future of a-tune and our customers. We look forward to a future offering convenience and efficiency while upholding our standards of reliability, security, and innovation.

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