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a-tune software announces integration with AALAS Learning Library (ALL)

Jonestown, TX - Oct 16, 2017

External training providers offer not only eTraining content, but often the management of training records.

With the increase in regulations requiring the verification of training, it has become a significant undertaking to maintain documentation.

Andreas Staubi, CEO a-tune
This increase is forcing administrators and staff to look for ways to integrate these records.

With the latest tick@lab release, a-tune presents a new connector module which allows customers to connect tick@lab to the platform of an additional popular eTraining provider – the AALAS Learning Library (ALL).

The AALAS Learning Library has the most in-depth and up-to-date courses in laboratory animal science and animal research compliance. The sleek design is eye catching, easy to use, and customizable, plus the platform's technology offers integration with institutional portals and other learning management systems,

Ann Turner, Executive Director of AALAS and the AALAS Foundation

The new connector module will compare training records from the ALL to the tick@lab catalog using common identifiers. tick@lab will then compare records and update user profiles with the information collected from the ALL system.

Mr. Staubi adds,

This automatic process will save administrators and staff a significant amount of time verifying, and in some cases, key punching vast amounts of data, providing our customers the opportunity to focus on other endeavors.

If you are interested in this new module, please contact the a-tune sales team for information about functionality, licensing options, and pricing.