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The a-tune family is growing: a-tune wins Brian Bell as project leader for the US branch

By: J. Patrick Guider Jr. – General Manager North America, a-tune software Inc. - Apr 11, 2013

It is a pleasure to inform you that Mr. Brian Bell has decided to join the a-tune family. Brian possesses a multifaceted experience in Animal Science, which he will bring to the company and its a-tune family members.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Small Animal Science and a Master Degree in Organizational Management. Furthermore he is currently completing his PhD dissertation in Organizational Management. He has dedicated himself to the small animal science sector over the past 18 years – working amongst others as laboratory animal technician, supervisor, research scientist, operations manager, and as a resource and financial analyst in different areas like academia, contract research organizations and the pharmaceutical industry.

In his private life he is married and has six children. He and his family are actively involved with animal sciences in their local 4-H program as well as in different activities at their church. Both – he and his wife – are pilots and enjoy recreational flying with their family in small airplanes and gliders.