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RapID Lab and tick@lab - 90 seconds to integrate

Baltimore, MD - Oct 31, 2018

At the National AALAS meeting, RapID and a-tune software successfully demonstrated how easily the RapID tagging technology can be integrated with a-tune’s tick@lab Lab Animal Management platform.

After meeting at a-tune’s booth at the AALAS Trade Show, it took only 90 seconds from connecting and configuring the RapID reader to configuring tick@lab to show the desired ID fields in the relevant modules and to scan the first (squeaky toy) mice.

Applied in tick@lab for animal deliveries, after weaning or at any other scenario, RapID Tags can be scanned to identify animals for all activities and data recording in tick@lab.

We put a lot of effort into the development of tick@lab as a platform open for integration with all types of technologies that improve data integrity and quality and which help to streamline and automate workflows—just like the RapID Lab tagging technology. It's great to see that these efforts pay off when it is possible to simply plug & play like this.

Andreast Staubi, CEO a-tune

For us it is of great importance that our customers can leverage their existing systems with our tagging technology. The combination of both technologies is greater than the sum of their parts and creates enormous added value for the workflow and data integrity. It's fantastic to see that with tick@lab there is no ‘yes, we could do it’, but a ‘yes, let's do it—right here and now.’

Alex Spindel, VP of Business Development RapID Lab

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RapID Tags

RapID Tags are the new industry standard in automated lab animal ID. RapID Tags complete your laboratory data automation strategy by providing fast, scannable, colored ear tags that allow you to track studies down to the animal level.

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