Connecting Data, Processes, People

tick@lab is a-tune’s software solution for the management of Laboratory Animal Research Facilities. It covers all processes relevant for compliance, operations and animal welfare and provides a single point of access to relevant data and functionality to all persons involved from research, facility staff, compliance personnel and management.

tick@lab for Laboratory Animal Research Facilities…

  • Mitigates compliance risks and the potentially significant financial risks related
  • Pro-actively supports the 3Rs and Animal Welfare by creating transparency regarding animal availability and use
  • Reduces time and costs through structured, centralized management of data and processes and integration with the existing application landscape
  • Accelerates and increase cost recovery by automation and faster turn-around for billing and invoicing

Functionality. Fully integrated.

Feature overview

  • Management of Protocols and Reporting in accordance with respective legislations and guidelines (e.g. USDA APHIS, EU 2010/63, UK Home Office, German TSchG, other national regulations in Europe, Australia and Asia, AAALAC…)
  • Real time tracking of animal numbers to ensure compliance with approved numbers
Animal Requests & Orders
  • Configurable order approval process
  • Printing of configurable order forms or integration with Finance and eProcurement Systems
  • Order wizard for automated data check against protocol, validation rules and capacity
  • Billing
Facility and Vivarium Management
  • Definition and tracking of room capacity
  • Room history and task management; customer defined data templates to replace paper forms
  • Cage Management, Census, Billing
  • Support of RFID and barcodes for cage identification, possibility to interface with “smart” rack and caging systems
Animal Management
  • Customer designed cage cards with barcode capability
  • Management of animals as batches or individuals
  • Use of barcodes and RFID technologies for identification of animals and cages
  • Extensive animal record including all animal data as for example sex, strain, id, genotype, date of birth, health data, history, weight progression and much more
  • Documentation of experimental usage for Post Approval Monitoring, USDA and AALAC reporting
  • Real-time Tracking of animal numbers for Protocols and of animal transfers between protocols
  • Recording of study protocols
  • Tagging and color marking
Colony Management and (transgenic) Breeding
  • Management of breeding lines, loci, marking rules
  • Use of barcodes and RFID technologies for identification of animals and cages
  • Mating selection, pairing and timings
  • Genotyping, import of results
  • Tracking of genealogy
  • Customer designed cage cards
  • Tagging and color marking of animals
  • Colony performance reporting
  • Task Requests for planning and communication between facility staff and researchers
Veterinary and Experimental Records
  • Customer designed templates for animal history records and tasks, for example for veterinary care, study management, science support
  • Import capability for health records and history data
  • Interfaces to Study Data management (e.g. Electronic Lab Notebooks, IDBS BioBook)
Billing and Invoicing
  • Calculation of costs based on per diems, animal procurement, husbandry, services, …
  • Generation of reports and invoices which can be easily customized by facility administrators
  • Interfaces to financial systems
Task Management
  • Tasks can be linked to animals, users, rooms
  • Daily task list and management overview
  • Configurable request and approval workflow
  • Recurring tasks
  • Use of customer defined data forms and templates to provide instructions and collect data
  • Real time tracking and update of task and object history

tick@lab - The Basis

  • Multi-Language Support Choose between the standard languages English, French or German or define any other language package as required.
  • Built-in Flexibility The tick@lab framework enables administrators to configure templates, forms, cage cards, reports and even the user interface including labels, grid views and field properties.
  • Integration Capabilities tick@lab has been built for integration with the existing application landscape, offers a variety of (web service) interface and supports diverse integration technologies. Examples: Electronic Research Data Management (IDBS BioBook), Finance and Procurement (SAP, Oracle, Aggresso), Training Management (CITI, AALAS Learning Library), Authentication and Security (CAS, Shibboleth, Active Directory, LDAP) and a wide range of customer specific systems and applications.
  • Browser independent web application – ready for mobile use No client installation required, support for all standard browsers on all types of client devices including tablets.
  • Audit Trail Full audit trail capability to fulfil CFR21 Part 11 requirements and to enable GLP validation.
  • tick@lab from the Cloud tick@lab is available as a secure, fully managed cloud service reducing infrastructure requirements to the browser and the internet connection.
  • DataMart for ad-hoc Reporting, Data Analysis and Integration

tick@lab - Services

a-tune offers a holistic range of services for the successful and cost and time effective implementation and possibly operation of tick@lab including
  • Process analysis and modelling
  • System configuration and Interfacing
  • Technical consulting (e.g. Oracle, Amazon Cloud...)
  • Training for Users, Administrators, Technical Training
  • tick@lab Cloud Services
  • Operational Support on premise

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