Animal research and compliance management software. Reimagined.

Enhanced Ergonomics

A brand new interface with intuitive navigation, session countdown, less scrolling, optimised for your mobile devices.

A true Web Application Operating from the Cloud

We can take care of your need for an internal IT infrastructure by offering a fully hosted secure solution.


Views and Menu’s tailored by user roles with a clear launchpad layout including “to the point” information at a glance.

Centralized Management

Reduces time and costs through structured centralised management of data and processes. Integration with the existing application landscape can be easily achieved.

Supporting the 3R's

Pro-actively supports the 3Rs and Animal Welfare by providing transparency regarding animal availability and use.

Increase Cost Recovery

Accelerates and enhances cost recovery by automation and faster turn-around for billing and invoicing.


Mitigates compliance risks, improved efficiency, and flexible, accurate reporting.

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