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Introducing the Transnetyx QuickOrder Integration with tick@lab

Streamline your mouse genotyping process with tick@lab's seamless integration with Transnetyx QuickOrder. Trusted by researchers worldwide, tick@lab simplifies the genotyping workflow, allowing you to create orders and import results effortlessly within your software.

Creating a Genotyping Order

  • Collect and record your tissue samples.
  • Seal the plate and slide into the sleeve.
  • Drop your samples at a TAGCenter or ship them in provided packaging.
  • Sign into tick@lab to place order.
  • Access results from tick@lab.
  • Getting Your Results

    • Biopsy Record Review: Upon notification of result availability, open the biopsy record and select the ‘Results’ option.
    • Genotyping Results Import: Click ‘TYX results’ to import your results.
    • Handling Multiple Records: For orders with multiple biopsy records, select them from the list and choose ‘Get TYX results’ from the context menu (ensuring all biopsies share the same plate ID).
    • API Token Confirmation: Confirm your personal Transnetyx API token and separation characters used for result translation.
    • Result Integration: Your results will be loaded and can be temporarily saved with the biopsy records or applied directly to the animal records.

    Pre-requisites and Requirements

    Ensure the following pre-requisites are met for seamless integration between tick@lab and Transnetyx QuickOrder:

    • Strain and Translation Rules Setup:: Set up your strain and define translation rules for result interpretation.
    • Consistent Strain Names: Ensure strain names match between QuickOrder and tick@lab.
    • Optional: Secure Token Storage: Store your personal access token securely within your tick@lab user profile for convenience and enhanced security.

    With tick@lab's QuickOrder integration, streamline your genotyping workflow, saving time and ensuring accuracy in your research endeavors. Experience the power of seamless collaboration between a-tune and Transnetyx QuickOrder today!

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