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Introducing Artificial Mouse Intelligence to tick@lab

The tick@lab AMI Connector brings the cutting-edge capabilities of Transnetyx’s AMI software directly to your fingertips within the tick@lab ecosystem. AMI, or Artificial Mouse Intelligence, revolutionizes the way you manage your breeding colonies and plan your experiments, offering advanced analytics and planning tools tailored to enhance your research efficiency.

With tick@lab AMI Connector, you can:

  • Optimize Breeding Productivity: Achieve experimental cohorts faster and more consistently by leveraging AMI’s sophisticated algorithms to streamline breeding processes
  • Maximize Cage Space Utilization: Make the most out of your cage space allocation by optimizing layouts, whether you need to free up space for additional crosses and experiments or reduce cage count and costs.

How It Works

The tick@lab AMI Connector seamlessly integrates with your existing tick@lab platform, providing access to the powerful functionalities of AMI:

  • Colony Optimizer: Analyze your colonies and receive vital statistics and recommendations to enhance breeding efficiency and cage usage.
  • Breeding Planner: Develop breeding plans tailored to your research goals, with options to define breeding parameters and desired outcomes.


Rest assured that your data privacy and security are our top priorities:

  • All communications between tick@lab and the AMI service are fully encrypted, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.
  • Only necessary technical data and parameters selected by the user are transmitted to the AMI service, with no personally identifiable information shared.

Get Started Today!

Unlock the full potential of your research with tick@lab AMI Connector. Activate the add-on today and experience enhanced breeding efficiency and planning capabilities like never before.

For any inquiries regarding data privacy or support, please reach out to our dedicated teams at or

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