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Introducing tick@lab Device Connector: Streamline Your Animal Model Research

Efficiency and accuracy are paramount in animal model research. Yet, the cumbersome process of capturing and updating data manually can be a significant drain on resources and can lead to transcription errors. Discover the tick@lab Device Connector – a revolutionary, free tool designed to seamlessly integrate data collected from devices like calipers and scales with your animal records in tick@lab, ensuring automatic and precise updates.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Integration:The Device Connector effortlessly connects data from various devices to your tick@lab animal records, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the chance of errors.
  • RFID Chip Support: Streamline data collection further with support for RFID chip reading, enhancing the efficiency of your research process.
  • Flexible Compatibility: Compatible with Windows devices and other platforms supporting Microsoft.NET core applications, the Device Connector communicates with both on-premise and cloud installations of tick@lab.
  • Customizable Templates: Tailor the application to fit the specific templates utilized by your research facility, ensuring seamless integration with your existing workflows.
  • Documentation and Source Code: Configuration documentation is included with the installation package, and the source code is available at no cost, providing transparency and flexibility for your research team.

Get Started Today

Experience the efficiency and accuracy of the tick@lab Device Connector for yourself. Download now from the Resource Library at and revolutionize your animal model research.

Maximize your research potential with tick@lab Device Connector – where precision meets efficiency.

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