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CITI Connector

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is a provider of research ethics, compliance, and professional development education. The CITI web-based training courses are targeted for academic institutions, government agencies and commercial organizations in the United States and around the world.

Key Benefits

  • The tick@lab CITI connector effectively links the training program to the work of the compliance boards in no time, with no effort and no risk.
  • It automatically creates new training records for each CITI member in tick@lab.
  • It automatically updates all training records in tick@lab at a regular pre-defined frequency.
  • It performs an automated training verification check with your source info from CITI. tick@lab will be able to send alerts for training expiry.
  • The tick@lab CITI Connector can save you time by reducing duplicate manual entries of data, it can help you maintain compliance with consistency and automated data transfer and it is available and ready out of the box.

tick@lab CITI connector Pre-requisites:

  • The CITI member has a user profile in the tick@lab master data. The email in the user profile matches the institution member email in the CITI institutional profile.
  • The CITI course has a catalog entry in Catalog (NG). The external ID of the catalog entry shows the course ID of the institutional CITI course.
  • Customers need to have an active CITI program subscription
  • The connector is a separate installation made on the tick@lab application server and can be used in any deployment scenario – on-premise, Cloud Service, SaaS.

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