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Deployment – efficient and controlled

  • Essential for Validated Systems
  • Typical saving of 80% in the cost and time for specific deployment steps

Transferring E-WorkBook templates from a development to a test to a production system is a highly error prone and time consuming task. Each individual item of a template has to be saved and dragged into the target system manually one by one. This is followed by manual editing of captions, references etc. to make it work in the new environment. The a-tune E-WorkBook.Deployment application automates this process to remove errors and accelerate the deployment process.

The product is available for use in validated environments where the elimination of the manual deployment steps greatly reduces the cost and risk for the business.

Automates the transfer of templates between different E-WorkBook systems.

Typical applications

  • To move templates between Development, Test and Production environments.
  • To move templates between different databases and versions of E-WorkBook (for example consolidation of systems)

This Product Provides

  • Automated migration of templates between systems
  • Elimination of manual processes and the potential for error
  • Automatic editing of data for the new environment e.g. editing of captions and references
  • Reduction in the time required for transfer both in terms of elapsed time and people time required to manage the process
  • A full audit trail of the migration

Version Compatibility

All versions. Note also the product supports migration between different E-WorkBook versions.