Task Management made simple

tick@ exceeds the limits of common PM systems and provides a platform for the management of all an organization’s tasks, regardless of whether they are for projects or daily business operations:


Clear responsibilities: who - what - when!


A single data basis for all stakeholders


Simple, intuitive use, individual customization


Interfaces to systems and processes

tick@ at a glance

  • Comprehensive planning thanks to inclusion of contents, scheduled activities and resources – from actual projects as well as daily activities
  • Integration with Microsoft Project
  • Capturing of effort and costs and Allocation to projects, contracts and customers
  • Documentation of activities including effort, scheduling, contents and document annexes, etc.
  • Availability of current, extent of completion and remaining work statuses at any time
  • E-mail notification for pre-specified events
  • Same information level for all users
  • Project and line organization
  • Categorization of resources for the management of qualifications and job descriptions
  • Individual task lists
  • Capacity and utilization of individual resources, resource groups and project teams
Analysis & Statistics
  • Standard & custom reporting, export to standard (Office) data formats
  • "Lessons learned" possible due to documentation of activity contents instead of just time recording
  • Data for invoicing and internal accounting or clearing of intra rendered services
Governance & Compliance
  • Detailed, contextual documentation and tracking of contracts and activities possible
  • Role and authorization concept ensures conformity, confidentiality and data protection
Easy Deployment & Operations
  • Standard multilingual interfaces in German, English and French
  • Simpler, more cost-effective operation, including heterogeneous IT environments, and operation beyond local boundaries due to web technology
  • Easy configuration to specific requirements thanks to the a-tune framework technology
  • Interfaces for the integration of data streams and systems (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Project, …)