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The “Babel Fish” for data integration

  • Eliminates dependency on data locations
  • Provides a single WebService interface to the TrackWise WebService API – inbound and outbound

The typical TrackWise implementation brings in data from across the enterprise. This data is in different formats and available in different technologies. Data Manager makes this data available to TrackWise through a single, standard, WebService interface. Any changes in the source data are handled transparently to TrackWise.

As well as reducing the cost of maintaining the data connections the Data Manager ensures that TrackWise is able to connect consistently to the data.

This Product Provides

  • A WebService to provide data on request to TrackWise workflows
  • Separation between the data consumer and the data location. This means that if data is moved the Data Manager configuration is updated and all the applications which need the data continue to receive it through the WebService. No change is required on the application using the data
  • Data caching to improve performance and handle temporary network failures

Configuration Options

Initial configuration includes the connection to the respective data sources. We provide training on how to add and manage data sources with the a-tune Data Manager.