Compliance Oversight at your Fingertips

tick@lab for research administration is dedicated to the electronic management of review processes for Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC), Institutional Review Boards (IRB), Institutional Bio Safety (IBC), Conflict of Interest (COI) and other customer specific Compliance Forms and Workflows.

Compliance assistance

Mitigates compliance risks and the potentially significant financial risks related


Pro-actively supports the 3Rs and Animal Welfare by creating transparency regarding animal availability and use

Effective flow of information

Accelerates review cycles by effectively manage and automate flow of information

Increase cost recovery

Reduces time and costs through structured, centralized management of data and processes and integration with the existing application landscape

Functionality. Fully integrated.

tick@lab - Feature Overview

  • Central online Access to Protocols, Reviews, attached Documents and cross-referenced Protocols One single point of access to all relevant information for all stakeholders – controlled by comprehensive security and access control based on roles, assignments and location.
  • Configurable Content (Questions, Pick Lists, Text Fields, …), Help Texts and User Guidance Administrators define forms and content as questions, answers, pick list items and control the behaviour of the questionnaires (e.g. text only questions, multi vs. single select, mandatory vs. optional). Configurable, contextual help texts are guiding researchers as well as committee members through the process.
  • Configurable Workflows and Notifications Flexible workflows for initial review, approval, amendments, (annual) regular reviews manage effectively the flow of information between the authors and the committee members. tick@lab manages due dates and deadlines and sends actively email notifications based on time triggers (e.g. 45 days’ notice) or events (e.g. submission).
  • Training Records Administrator-defined repository for trainings, skills and competencies, detailed training records in user profile, automatic expiration notice, built-in workflows for training requests and integration capabilities (e.g. CITI, AALAS Learning Library, other customer solutions) allow for efficient management of training records across the institution.
  • Automatic Content Verification (mandatory Answers, Training Records) Content is verified in accordance with the rules defined by the administrator, mandatory items have to be answered prior to submission. Verification of training against the training records of researchers and study personnel ensures compliance with institutional and legislative requirements.
  • Document Versioning, Change Control and Comparison Consistency and integrity is ensured by Document Management functionality as check-in/check-out, automatic versioning and tracking of changes and review comments.
  • Meetings and Post Approval Monitoring tick@lab manages committee meeting agendas and minutes as well as inspections and follow up items and findings for post-approval monitoring.

tick@lab - The Basis

  • Multi-Language Support Choose between the standard languages English, French or German or define any other language package as required.
  • Built-in Flexibility The tick@lab framework enables administrators to configure templates, forms, cage cards, reports and even the user interface including labels, grid views and field properties.
  • Integration Capabilities tick@lab has been built for integration with the existing application landscape, offers a variety of (web service) interface and supports diverse integration technologies. Examples: Electronic Research Data Management (IDBS BioBook), Finance and Procurement (SAP, Oracle, Aggresso), Training Management (CITI, AALAS Learning Library), Authentication and Security (CAS, Shibboleth, Active Directory, LDAP) and a wide range of customer specific systems and applications.
  • Browser independent web application – ready for mobile use No client installation required, support for all standard browsers on all types of client devices including tablets.
  • Audit Trail Full audit trail capability to fulfil CFR21 Part 11 requirements and to enable GLP validation.
  • tick@lab from the Cloud tick@lab is available as a secure, fully managed cloud service reducing infrastructure requirements to the browser and the internet connection.
  • DataMart for ad-hoc Reporting, Data Analysis and Integration

tick@lab - Services

a-tune offers a holistic range of services for the successful and cost and time effective implementation and possibly operation of tick@lab including
  • Process analysis and modelling
  • System configuration and Interfacing
  • Technical consulting
  • Training for Users, Administrators, Technical Training
  • tick@lab Cloud Services
  • Operational Support on premise

tick@lab downloads

  • tick@lab System Requirements (EN)
    452.72 KB, August 5, 2020
  • Webinar: in-vivo Workbench - tick@lab/BioBook interface (EN only)
    22.60 MB, July 29, 2015
  • Integrated Data Management (ALN, 01/2012, EN only)
    226 KB, July 29, 2015
  • Case Study: Implementation of tick@lab for a new Animal Facility (EN only)
    391 KB, July 29, 2015