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Correct, time-saving and fully automated remote control of web applications

The a-tune Web.Application.Automation is a product to support the remote control of your web-based applications saving you time and money, by allowing your end users to focus upon what they do best.

Use Cases

This product has a wide variety of use cases:

  • Regression tests in the case of product upgrades, new browser versions
  • Regression tests for validated environments
  • Data import of legacy data
  • Continuous import of CRO/ external collaboration data
  • Performance monitoring

For the a-tune tick@lab and idbs E-workbook web products, Web.Application.Automation comes with a set of commands which are independent of the UI. This means that if a new version of your web product comes with a modified UI, your automated tasks are not affected and do not need to be updated. All tests are defined and documented within an MS Excel file and can be easily adapted. The test execution is performed either in an interactive or headless mode as a background service, there isn’t even a need for you to be present whilst the tests are being performed. Confirmations are sent at step and test levels so that you can rest assured that the tests have been successfully executed and completed.

The Web.Application.Automation product is not limited to the a-tune tick@lab and idbs E-workbook products, it can also be used to create automated tests for other third-party products.