Templates inside out

  • Typical saving of 20% to 50% of the total testing time

The Value of this Product

The Template describes the overall business process and will often contain embedded IDBS Spreadsheets. The a-tune Template.Reporter delivers a Word Document which describes the template and at the press of a button will generate an accurate and up to date summary of the template. This automatic generation of the Word document eliminates errors and cuts down on the time of documenting the template. It also ensures a consistent and complete documentation set is produced for the templates.

This product provides

  • Template location (path within the hierarchy)
  • Template version
  • Last modified date
  • Last modified user
  • Mandatory and optional properties (as well as custom properties)
  • Confined setting
  • Sequential edit setting
  • Linked attributes
Template Items
  • Type
  • Caption
  • Mandatory and optional properties
  • Confined setting
  • Display option (if applicable)
  • Display pages (if applicable)
  • Document browser structure (including document browser comment)
  • Published tables
  • Catalog mapping
  • Formulae’s of published items
  • Formulae’s of unpublished items
  • Linked data fields
  • Data links
  • E-WorkBook searches

Documentation Output

  • Structure of the navigation tree
  • Name of “Published” tables
  • Names of all items and their catalog mapping
  • Formulae for items mapped to the catalog
  • Formulae used in the spreadsheet

Configuration Options

The documentation format is configurable to allow customer logos and customer defined layout of data. This means the automatically generated results can be used without further editing and so eliminates manual intervention. a-tune can provide support for initial setup and training. The product is designed for the customer to update and maintain the configuration after the initial setup.