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MS Word from Web

a-tune Study.Reporter is an E-WorkBook web-client widget which creates a Microsoft Word file for an experiment populated with the experiment data and charts as specified. The Study.Reporter can also be used to generate documentation for E-WorkBook templates.

The following information can be exported based on user selection

Template / Experiment
  • Template location (path within the hierarchy)
  • Template version
  • Last modifying date
  • Last modifying user
  • Mandatory and optional properties (as well as custom properties)
  • Confined setting
  • Setting of sequential editing
  • Linked attributes
Template / Experiment Items
  • Type
  • Caption
  • Mandatory and optional properties
  • Confined setting
  • Display option (if applicable)
  • Display pages (if applicable)
  • Document browser structure (including document browser comment)
  • Published tables
  • Catalog mapping
  • Formulae of published items
  • Formulae of unpublished items
  • Linked data fields
  • Data links
  • E-WorkBook searches