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E-WorkBook Catalog terms under control

  • Eliminates delays and errors caused by manual review of catalog changes
  • Provides a record of requested, approved and rejected changes for audit and control purposes

In an enterprise environment there are multiple teams sharing a catalog and a dynamic group of people that want to make changes in the catalog. When there are just a few people and terms to manage, it is common to use email. As the system grows in complexity, and with the introduction of the system into multiple sites and time zones, there is a need for a workflow to manage catalog requests. Glue provides this workflow and is available for both the E-WorkBook family of products as well as ActivityBase.

This Product Provides

  • Request generation for a change
  • Email notification to review and approval members
  • Ability to comment, approve or reject each request
  • Nomination of people authorized for alternate review and approval
  • Web Service interface to generate requests

Glue Features

  • Automated workflow for approval
  • Logging of all requests and their status
  • Transfer of confirmed request to E-WorkBook to update the catalog

Version Compatibility

All versions.

Configuration Options

Identification of review and approval members as well as alternate approval mechanism if someone is unable to access the system.

Basic training is provided to enable the customer to make changes to the nominated people and approval workflow.