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Compounds and Plates at hand

The a-tune Chemistry.System.Integration (CSI) provides synchronization of the chemical registration system and / or plate information between ActivityBase and other systems. The CSI runs in the background to ensure that necessary data is transferred. It can synchronize with systems which are in third party databases, for example between CRO(s) and client(s).


The CSI provides the following functionality:

  • Initial synchronization
  • Upload registered compounds after last successful run
  • Upload modified compounds after last successful run
  • Changes can include

    • Chemical structure changes
    • Molecular weight updates
    • Compound IDs
    • Upload of plates

  • Configurable sets of properties to be transferred
  • Logging and e-mail notification to allow administrators to monitor the task
  • The upload procedure is based on the IDBS ActivityBase API. No data is written directly into the ActivityBase schema which assures compatibility with new software releases.