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Consistency rules!

  • Eliminates Catalog dependency errors
  • Saves >90% of the time required for catalog dependency checks

Before making changes to the E-WorkBook catalog you need to know what the potential impact is on existing templates and experiments. The a-tune Catalog.Inspector automates this process to identify where catalog terms are in use and eliminates the expensive and error prone manual method of checking each template

This Product Provides

  • Tracking of all Catalog terms
  • Quick check to see if a Catalog term is used in an Experiment
  • Impact assessment of a proposed change to a Catalog term
  • Prevention of errors caused when a Catalog term is changed without consideration for other users of that term

Tracker Features

  • Consider Experiments where data has not yet been published.
  • Output is in Excel Spreadsheet format (.XLS) for easy sorting

Version Compatibility

All versions.

Configuration Options

No configuration required. Product training is provided as part of the package.