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Consistency rules!

  • Eliminates Catalog dependency errors
  • Saves >90% of the time required for catalog dependency checks

Before making changes to the E-WorkBook catalog you need to know what the potential impact is on existing templates and experiments. The Catalog Inspector automates this process to identify where catalog terms are in use and eliminates the expensive and error prone manual method of checking each template

This Product Provides

  • Tracking of all Catalog terms
  • Quick check to see if a Catalog term is used in an Experiment
  • Impact assessment of a proposed change to a Catalog term
  • Prevention of errors caused when a Catalog term is changed without consideration for other users of that term

Tracker Features

  • Consider Experiments where data has not yet been published.
  • Output is in Excel Spreadsheet format (.XLS) for easy sorting

Version Compatibility

All versions.

Configuration Options

No configuration required. Product training is provided as part of the package.