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Archiving under control

  • Maintain your E-WorkBook to remove outdated information
  • Control access to older information and projects with a change in project status
  • Connect with Project Lifecycle Tools
  • Publish Data to Document Management Systems and Data Warehouses

The a-tune Archive.Manager provides an integrated and consistent suite of capabilities which are used to implement customer business rules to manage and archive experiments within the E-WorkBook suite. The meaning of Archive is unique to each enterprise and we provide the full range of archive options including integration with Project Lifecycle tools to align the E-WorkBook status with project status. Publish capability is offered as a stand-alone function or as a part of the Archive solution.

This Product Provides

  • An Archive function for E-WorkBook.
  • The meaning of “Archive” is defined with the customer. Core functionality permits a range of archive features including:

    • Extract of published PDFs and other data into an archive area or protected area within E-WorkBook or document management system
    • Modification of access rights and experiment availability based on project status (for example “cancelled” or “completed”)

  • Hierarchy tidy up. Archive of data from old experiments and investigations which are no longer active
  • An automated process to extract data from the E-WorkBook suite and deliver it, in a stand-ard XML format to the target system
  • Full access to all data in the E-WorkBook including text in PDF files, results data (through the IDBS Generic Transform) and security information
  • Export of results to Document Management systems, e.g. Documentum and MS SharePoint
  • Transfer using a single portable XML format
  • Transfer of documents from an experiment, if required, into the target system

The Archive and Publisher products use a common architecture and therefore can work together to provide the connection between E-WorkBook and other enterprise business systems.

Configuration Options

Implementation of business rules for archival including access restrictions and business rules for the type of data which is available. Implementation of business rules for data sharing and data security is provided in the initial setup. Customer training enables further modification as required.