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Control Web Applications Remotely

Save time and money by controlling web applications remotely using a-tune Web.Application.Automation. For tick@lab and E-WorkBook products, Web.Application.Automation comes with a set of commands that are independent of the UI. If a new version of a web product comes with a modified UI, automated tasks are not affected and do not need to be updated. All tests are defined and documented in a Microsoft Excel file and can be easily adapted. Test execution is performed either in an interactive or headless mode as a background service. Confirmations are sent at step and test levels to ensure that tests have been executed and completed.

Key Features

  • Regression testing checks for product upgrades, new browser versions, or validated environments.
  • Import legacy data.
  • Continuously import data from a CRO or external collaboration.
  • Monitor performance.
  • Can be used with tick@lab, E-WorkBook, or other third-party products.