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Manage Catalog Terms

Eliminate delays and errors caused by manual review of catalog changes and provide a record of requested, approved, and rejected changes using a-tune Glue. In an enterprise environment, multiple teams share a catalog and seek to make changes in the catalog. When a system becomes more complex and involve multiple sites and time zones, a workflow is needed to manage catalog requests. Glue manages this workflow for E-WorkBook and ActivityBase products.

Key Features

  • Generate a request for changes.
  • Send email notifications to review and approval members.
  • Comment on, approve, or reject requests for change.
  • Identify people who are authorized to review and approve changes, as well as alternates if someone is unable to access the system.
  • Generate requests using the web service interface.
  • Automate workflow for approval.
  • Log all requests and their status.
  • Transfer confirmed requests to E-WorkBook to update the catalog.
  • Glue is compatible with all versions.
  • Basic training enables customers to make changes to the nominated people and approval workflow.