tick@lab - Lab Animal & Facility Management Software

tick@lab is the solution for the management of lab animals, breeding colonies and animal facilities:

  • Assists with compliance to national and international codes and legislative guidelines and requirements
  • All of the workflows and processes, from the submission of applications to the documentation of experiments – efficient, intelligible and traceable
  • A transparent and effective data basis for every user

tick@lab at a glance

Protocols, Projects and Licenses

    • Forms for the submission of protocols as per applicable national laws and guidelines - EU, USA, worldwide
    • Ensuring compliance with organisation-specific standards, laws and guidelines
    • Workflows for monitoring, approval and forwarding to respective authorities or ethical committees
    • Version control and monitoring of dates


    • Documentation and tracking of education and training, qualifications and special authorisations
    • Validation of qualifications and authorisations for procedures and species

Requests and Orders

    • Individual workflows for requests and orders from external suppliers as well as from internal breeding
    • Automatic check and control of animal numbers
    • Integration with ERP systems (e.g. SAP)

Animal Facility Management

    • Up-to-date information online about current and future occupancy and capacity for rooms, sections and buildings
    • Analysis and allocation of effort and costs

Animal Management

    • Individual Animals or Batches
    • Status, workflows and approvals depending on species and use
    • Animal CV/History records containing a chronology of all activities and data changes

Medical Records

    • User defined templates for all kinds of animal data - medical observations, treatments, studies
    • Replaces paper forms, Excel Sheets, legacy applications

Task Management

    • Controlling and optimizing activities by planning and scheduling tasks and task series
    • Direct documentation of all actions into the animals' CV

Breeding & Colony Management

    • Management of breeding lines and colonies
    • Matings, Litter, Genotyping
    • Breeding orders, animal reservation and tracking

Analysis & Statistics

    • Automatic statistical reporting for authorities and international institutions (e.g. AAALAC)
    • User defined reporting for animal facility management, users, research and authorities

Easy Deployment & Operations

    • User interfaces in any language - German, English and French per default
    • Easily customises for individual requirements and applicable national laws - worldwide
    • Simple, cost-effective operation, including heterogeneous IT environments, and operation across site boundaries due to web technology
    • "Ready for validation" (GLP)