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Safeguarded Integration

  • Ensures Data Integrity and Compliance with Enterprise Business Rules
  • TrackWise and Validated Environment Ready

Integrating applications using WebServices is common within an integrated data management landscape. In an Enterprise environment there are additional security and business rules which need to be applied to ensure that requests made through these WebServices comply. The a-tune WebService Guardian implements and enforces these business rules.

The customer is able to demonstrate compliance and so eliminates significant risk and cost from the business.

This Product Provides

  • Enforcement of business rules to ensure that formatting constraints, SOPs are complied with at all times.
  • High data integrity. The WebService Guardian is independently audited to ensure that data is secure and safe from malicious attack

Configuration Options

The system is configured for each customer to comply with internal security requirements. Business rules are implemented for each customer and we provide the necessary training for you to maintain and develop the business rules for your system.