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  • Typical saving of 5% to 15% in template development cost

The Value of this Product

The spreadsheet is an integral part of the business process and defines the way in which data is captured, stored and analyzed. During the design, implementation and maintenance of the spreadsheet there are multiple points when the spreadsheet needs to be documented. Manual documentation is time consuming and error prone. The problem becomes worse where the spreadsheet is developed in an agile mode as the documentation is repeatedly changed.

The Spreadsheet Documenter automatically generates documentation for a spreadsheet. The product extracts key information from your spreadsheets and puts it into a document which can be used as documentation or can then be copy and pasted into an alternate format. The output format is configurable so for many customers the format is immediately sufficient to document the spreadsheet.

This product provides

  • Rapid and automatic generation of documentation
  • Elimination of errors
  • Reduction in the cost of spreadsheet development (1 to 2 hours per spreadsheet, per iteration)
  • Faster deployment as up to date documentation is available in real time

Documentation Output

  • Structure of the navigation tree
  • Name of “Published” tables
  • Names of all items and their catalog mapping
  • Formulae for items mapped to the catalog
  • Formulae used in the spreadsheet

Configuration Options

The documentation format is configurable to allow customer logos and customer defined layout of data. This means the automatically generated results can be used without further editing and so eliminates manual intervention.

The customer is expected to modify the configuration as required. a-tune can provide support for initial setup and training.