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Make your instruments talk

  • Eliminates Manual Preparation of Instrument Data
  • Eliminates Manual Errors and Reduces Time Required for Data Entry Significantly

Data from instruments and other sources comes in a wide variety of formats. The data may also require some manipulation before it can be used in a system such as E-WorkBook. Where data conversion is carried out manually it is both error prone and expensive. Data Converter provides an automated way to present the data in the format that E-WorkBook requires. Together with Data Manager this provides a full automated way to bring data into the workflow.

This Product Provides

  • Ability to accept any data input format including xls, xml, csv and to define a standard business rule for each type to output the data in the required file format and to change the data layout to meet the requirements of the target system
  • Simple and rapid deployment (via Microsoft .NET)
  • Configurable rules to take data in any format and export in any format

Configuration Options

Initial configuration of data rules. Customer training is included to allow modification of the rules as required.